Continental TS760 Tyres Available in Shipley

Continental TS760



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Excellent traction:
The long block edges in combination with deep sipes (1), which increase the flexibility of the tread blocks, achieve better traction. Futhermore tread grooves that fan outwards (2) ensure a fast water drainage and greater safety on wet roads (aquaplaning).
Short braking distances on snow and ice and in the wet:
The high flexibility of the tread blocks and the particularly developed deep sipes (sipes that extend under the tread-groove base) achieve a shorter braking distance on snow, ice and wet.
Low rolling resistance:
The advanced silica compound with its own special tread pattern geometry leads to an optimal adaption to the different road conditions in winter. This results in low rolling resistance and in less fuel consumption.
High mileage:
The deep sipes (sipes that extend under the tread-groove base) have an excellent traction over a longer period and thus provide high mileage. The optimized wear by the tread pattern geometry contributes to the longer lifetime.

Tyre Size Fully Fitted Price
Size 15 Tyres
Continental TS760 145/65R15 72T
E C 71