Landsail LS988 Tyres Available in Shipley

Landsail LS988



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The LS988 is a high performance tyre for passenger cars offering ultra high performance for a responsive drive.
Four groove water channeling
Four wide longitudinal grooves improve your wet road performance.
V-shaped wet grip grooves
Lateral grooves improve wet grip and hydroplaning resistance.
V-shaped tread pattern
You get excellent high-speed performance and confident braking…along with an aggressive, sporty look. And the S-shaped sipes further enhance your grip on the road.
Straight-line stability bars
Continuous circumferential blocks enhance stability during high-speed straight-line driving.
Wear-resistant shoulder bars
Tread bars designed to reduce irregular tread wear - one of the keys to longer tyre life.

Tyre Size Fully Fitted Price
Size 20 Tyres
Landsail LS988 225/35R20 93W