Yokohama V902B Tyres Available in Shipley

Yokohama V902B



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YOKOHAMA‘s 902 tyres are specially constructed to provide traction on snow-covered roads.  These high performance tyres remain pliable in cold weather and have a unique tread design to give you better traction
Yokohama’s winter tyre 902 will energize your emotions and take you to a new level of winter driving. 

Tyre Size Fully Fitted Price
Size 17 Tyres
Yokohama V902B 255/60R17 106H
F C 74
Yokohama V902B 285/65R17 116HH
Size 19 Tyres
Yokohama V902B 275/45R19 108V
F C 72
Yokohama V902B 285/45R19 111V
F C 75