Continental ContiWinterContact TS 830 195/55R16 87H available in Shipley

Winter Contact TS830P - BMW Winter tyre


ContiWinterContact TS 830

Winter Contact TS830P - BMW

Designed for extreme braking manoeuvres.
Fully fitted price: £116.00


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Improved stopping on snow
A high number of blocks in the shoulder area with more gripping edges guarantee that this tyre will 'cut' into snow more effectively, creating optimal grip in wintry conditions. The result: better stopping performance on snow.
Outstanding braking performance on icy and wet roads
A high block rigidity in the tread pattern centre coupled with a high number of sipes lead to enhanced braking performance on icy and wet roads. 
Optimised for driving safety systems
The ContiWinterContact™ TS 830 is designed to work in harmony with electronic stability control (ESC) systems. ESC selectively controls a braking intervention on one wheel to stabilise the vehicle. The unique tread design ensures the braking effect of the tyre and consequently the ESC effect is optimised.





H (Max Speed: 130mph)

87 (Max Load: 545kg)