Vredestein T-Trac 2 175/65R15 84TT available in Shipley

175/65TR15 VRED TTRAC2 84T


T-Trac 2

175/65TR15 VRED TTRAC2 84T

Fully fitted price: £60.00


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The T-Trac 2 is a no-nonsense, energy-efficient tyre with a high safety reserve. The optimised profile block design and high-quality silica tread compound used in the tyre keep its rolling resistance low, and the highly wear-resistant T-Trac 2 delivers a superb handling and braking performance on both dry and wet road surfaces. These characteristics make the tyre ideal for driving in urban environments, which involves frequent stopping and starting. However, with its T speed rating, the T-Trac 2 also excels on long journeys — so this tyre is a true all-rounder.





T (Max Speed: 118mph)

84T (Max Load: Unknown)