Avon ZV7 225/45R17 94YY available in Shipley

AVON AVON ZV7 225/45R17



AVON AVON ZV7 225/45R17

Fully fitted price: £74.00


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The Avon ZV7 is a high performance summer tyre - rated A for wet grip.
Avon have developed the ZV7 to take on the very worst that the British seasons can throw up. The tyre features large circumferential grooves to quickly remove surface water from the path of the tyre - reducing the chances of aquaplaning. Avon have designed a new tread pattern with 3D sipes that have been optimised to enhance grip in wet conditions.
Use of a new polymer technology, blended with advanced mixing techniques for the tread compound, mean the tyre is capable of delivering better wet and dry grip, reducing rolling resistance and impressive longevity.





Y (Max Speed: 186mph)

94Y (Max Load: Unknown)