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Are you looking for an Air Conditioning Service for your vehicle?


Your vehicle's air condition does much more than just cooling the car's interior. It also performs the critical task of keeping the car's interior free of impurities (fungi, dust, bacteria etc.). The AC also dehumidifies the vehicle's interior and de-fogs its windscreen and windows.

If the air conditioner fails, we recommend coming to us for a check and air conditioning Shipley as soon as possible.

Generally, AC refrigerants can last a few years. It is recommended though to get the air conditioning system checked every two years.But maybe you will have to visit a garage for car air conditioning refill earlier, as the AC system is often exposed to extreme temperature changes (freezing during the winter and extreme heat during the summer) and vibrations while driving.

If you have the feeling your air conditioning is slowing down,
give Tyre Experts a call on 01274 288000.

Our skilled technicians can conduct AC refills for a wide variety of car makes and models.

How we approach an air conditioning Shipley service.

Our experienced team will thoroughly check your car's air conditioner to ensure there are no leaks or any damages to other parts of the system before refilling the AC to the manufacturer's specifications.