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Uniroyal Tyres

Innovation and Uniroyal go hand in hand, which can be traced back to the first rain tyres' invention in 1969.

For Uniroyal, tyres are not only rubbers; they are the epitome of immense possibility and ground of experimentation. That is why each Uniroyal tyre is a perfect amalgamation of state of the art technology and innovative materials which offer maximum safety in any road condition, especially on the wet road surface. Committed to continuous improvement, Uniroyal’s reputation has reached its peak due to its cost-effectiveness.

Primarily focused on enhancing and bringing safety on wet roads, Uniroyal’s production covers tyres for cars, vans, 4×4 which have their summer, winter and all-season versions as well.

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Popular Uniroyal units

RainExpert 3: Uniroyal has designed RainExpert 3, a summer tyre with three main features, namely enhanced stopping distances on both wet and dry tarmac, increased resistance to hydroplaning and lower rolling resistance.

The first feature gets its power from the asymmetric tread pattern coupled with additional sipes in the tyre’s shoulder as well as at the center.

Uniroyal has crafted this tyre with a unique tread compound that can well fight against aquaplaning and offer low rolling resistance, which is directly linked with the total fuel consumption of a car.

    • AllSeason Expert: AllSeason Expert is an all-weather tyre designed for passenger cars. This model's directional tread pattern consists of wide longitudinal grooves that protect from aquaplaning during rain and offer improved handling when driving through puddles.

These tyres come with M+S marking, which ensures enhanced year-round performance on mud and snow-covered roads. Due to its all-adaptive tread compound, the AllSeasonExpert is abrasion-proof and has increased capability against premature wear. For this reason, this tyre lasts longer than its counterparts.

    • MS Winter Plus 77: MS winter Plus 77 is a winter tyre, crafted to deliver high-performance on snow and in wet condition. The tread pattern has wide grooves which quickly removes water from and slush from the tyre’s direction, thus reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Uniroyal has manufactured this range with a unique rain compound which provides effective grip in wet road conditions. Also, the rigid shoulder block lessens the possibility of tyre deformation while cornering. Hence, this tyre can offer a reliable and smooth-riding experience throughout. Moreover, this tyre has an increased number of sipes that ‘bite’ the snow well to deliver enhanced traction.

    • Rallye 4×4 Street: Designed for SUVs and off-road cars, Rallye 4×4 Street delivers outstanding driving performance in both wet and dry conditions. Its tread pattern reduces aquaplaning, thus ensuring safety on wet tarmac. Also, this range is notable for providing excellent handling and stability on light off-road surfaces.

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