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In 2012, the European Union passed a series of resolutions which would together combat excessive pollution, increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. These led to rating systems for all essential commodities used worldwide.

When it comes to tyres, the EU tyre label was devised. The label provides detailed information on three aspects of any tyre, irrespective of the make or model of vehicles:

  • Fuel economy
  • Noise levels
  • Wet grip

When you purchase your next set of quality car tyres Shipley at our facility - Tyre Experts - you will notice that each model we sell has its tyre label. We recommend that you go through these labels carefully before making your purchase.

The following sections will give you a brief overview of what an EU tyre label denotes.

Do all tyres come with a label?

The law exempts the following tyres:

  • Studded Tyres
  • Vintage Models
  • All tyres manufactured before 1 October 1990
  • Professional off-road models

Decoding a tyre label

We are one of the trusted retailers of car tyres in West Yorkshire with customers visiting us from other Counties too. Tyre Experts believes in consumer education which ensures that our patrons can make informed decisions.

On that note, here are the components you will find on any tyre label. We have explained why they matter as well.

    • Fuel economy

A substantial portion of a car's fuel economy depends on its tyres too.

A scale of 'A' to 'G' denotes this element. All models that come with an 'A' label have the highest fuel savings. Likewise, the last rating of 'G' reflects those units which have the worst fuel ratings.

It is imperative that you purchase tyres which have fuel economy ratings of 'A', 'B, or 'C'. You will notice that you are saving nearly 20% on fuel if you acquire a set of tyres from Tyre Experts bearing the 'A' label. However, it must be noted that models with better ratings are also more expensive.

    • Wet grip

Yet again, this element is measured on a scale of 'A' to 'G'. Wet grip refers to the stopping power of a tyre on wet surfaces, and your safety depends on how well it performs.

When you buy car tyres Shipley, ensure that the wet grip falls between grades 'A' to 'C'. Otherwise, you will be compromising on safety.

    • Rolling noise

Several studies indicate that a tyre's rolling noise is a massive contributor to sound pollution. To prevent that, the rolling noise element is denoted by black bars which look like sound waves. The EU tyre label can have a maximum of 3 such bars. A single bar means that the car tyres are in good shape and any noise emitted is minimal. However, 3 bars indicate the highest noise levels, and you should steer away from such units.

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