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Are you looking for Oil Changes for your vehicle?


If you need an engine oil change Shipley or need to top-up your existing oil, do not hesitate to contact Tyre Experts.

How often do you need an oil change?

The theory says to change your oil every three thousand miles or three months, but to be entirely sure you should check the car manual. The car manual is the vehicle’s “bible”, and you should consult it before setting out for an oil change or a top-up.

What are the symptoms that show you need oil service?

The oil change is quite a straightforward procedure. Here are some signs that you need an oil change Shipley.

  • The first symptom that you will notice is excessive exhaust being released. It indicates that motor oil has become too old to function effectively.
  • While you may be changing your oil quite frequently, you notice that the level of oil falls very quickly. Then there is a leak with your oil system.
  • A sure-fire sign of a faulty oil system is if the engine makes like a ticking or a knocking noise. The oil’s job is to lubricate the engine’s parts. If it becomes too thin, then it won’t be able to do this job properly.

What are the different types of engine oil?

There are four significant types of engine oil. They are:

    • Conventional

The most budget-friendly option is conventional engine oil made from crude oil and refined to the required purity. These provide reasonable performance.

    • Fully synthetic

Entirely manufactured in the lab and created to maintain a high standard of purity, these are one of the best engine oils for your vehicle.

    • Synthetic Blend

A blend of conventional and fully synthetic oils, these try to imbibe the best features of the above oils while reducing their respective drawbacks. Performance-wise they occupy the middle ground.

    • High mileage

For a vehicle that is being used tirelessly, opt for this oil as they have special additives that make it capable of the job.

To get your oil replaced or topped up, please visit Tyre Experts.