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Firestone Tyres

    Founded by Harvey Firestone in 1900, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was a pioneer in the mass production of tyres. This company earned its high reputation as the supplier of tyres for Ford’s cars.

    Before the close of the century, Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, acquired the company, and that changed the trajectory of this pioneering stalwart in American tyre manufacturing.

    As a trusty supplier of Firestone, Tyre Experts recommend their products to you. Take a look!

  • Firestone All-Season
  • This expression from Firestone is a reliable, sturdy tyre that gives 100% satisfactory performance year-around. These tyres come with deep treads that perform their best in wet and light snow conditions. The tread design is created to cope with dry, wet, and snowy conditions. They also provide a quiet drive.

  • Firestone Firehawk
  • The Firehawk was created for sedans keeping in mind the spirit of sports cars. It is a high-performance all-season offering and is rated very favourably among its competitors. This tyre comes with a tyre warranty of 50,000 miles which is quite reasonable. Superior crafting of the tread design means there is a reduced risk of hydroplaning and more significant grip on the roads.

  • Winterforce
  • Winterforce is Firestone’s flagship tyre. Coming to you with deeper tread depth that effectively reduces the risk of hydroplaning on icy roads, the Winterforce is a beast on snowy tarmacs. Also, the braking distance is low, which means a very safe and secure drive on wintery surfaces. Lastly, the tyres provide a quiet and comfortable ride and provide reliable braking.

    If Firestone is your tyre of choice, we congratulate you. At Tyre Experts, you will find the entire range of Firestone’s products. To make a choice look at our website or visit us today! We are ready to serve you.