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Are you looking for Valve Replacement Shipley for your vehicle?


Often ignored, car tyre valves play an essential role in maintaining tyre pressure. If you are due for a routine servicing and are looking for valve replacement Shipley services, look no further than Tyre Experts.

We are one of the most reliable automobile service centres in West Yorkshire, offering OE grade replacements to our customers. Apart from our wide range of services, we also provide an extensive range of tyres matching various car makes and models.

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Why should you go for tyre valves replacement Shipley? 

Apart from maintaining optimum tyre pressure, valves also prevent dirt and water from entering the tyre.

Also called Schrader valves, most tyre valves in use nowadays can be easily removed and cleaned or replaced. These units consist of three main components-

  • Outer casing made of rubber or metal
  • Threaded tube
  • Cap

With regular use, pneumatic tyres are subject to wear and tear. When you accelerate and brake during your daily commute, changes in tyre pressure can deform the valves due to the continuous strain, leading to cracks in the core and housing.

Now, driving on underinflated tyres can be extremely dangerous. Tyre pressure drops will lead to increased braking distances and difficulty in controlling the vehicle. Hence, you must opt for timely valve replacement Shipley services.

When to opt for valve replacement services Shipley?

Metal valves have a longer service life and can easily last over a year, while rubber valves may need to be replaced every six months. However, you may have to buy new valves Shipley earlier depending on your driving behaviour.

That being said, professional automobile service stations like ours will replace car tyre valves each time you purchase a new set of tyres.

Apart from that, you can opt for valve replacement services Shipley under the following circumstances:

  • While preparing your vehicle for annual MOT tests
  • Seasonal tyre upgrades
  • Damage to the tyres during an accident
  • Frequent pressure drops

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