Are you looking for Hunter Wheel alignment for your vehicle?


Almost every car manufacturer and reputed service station will recommend you check your car's wheel alignment every six months, as driving on misaligned wheels is a dangerous practice.

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Symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment

Even if you do not outright see the following symptoms, you should still visit a professional garage offering correctional wheel alignment when:

  • The steering wheel does not re-centre properly
  • When the steering wheel starts vibrating
  • Tyres seem to wear unevenly
  • The car drags to one side

How can we help? What wheel angles do we check?

There are five different alignment angles that we check at our facility, using the latest Laser Technology. Let's take a more in-depth look into each one of these to give you a comprehensive idea about our service regimen.

  • Front toe

Front toe refers to the angles at which the front set of wheels point with respect to each other when seen from a bird' s-eye-view. Depending on the make and model, the manufacturer sets the front toe angles to complement the steering geometry and reduce tyre wear.

  • Rear toe

As you might have guessed, it is the angle at which the rear set of wheels point with respect to each other. This angle is set in a way to reduce tyre wear to the minimum and assist in straight-line stability of the vehicle.

  • Camber

It refers to the angle which your car wheels make when seen from the front. Camber angles have a direct correlation to your car's cornering performance. If you notice too much inward or outward tilt, there might be excessive wear on one half of the tyre tread. In such cases, you need to visit a reputed auto service centre for efficient hunter wheel alignment Shipley.

  • Caster

Caster refers to the slope of the steering axis with the front-wheel axle. Although only a few vehicle manufacturers allow adjustments to the caster angle, misaligned caster angles can negatively impact cornering and braking performance and reduce steering response as well.

  • Thrust

Not strictly an angle, thrust refers to the axis between the front and rear axle. Incorrect thrust axis impacts straight-line stability and leads to the vehicle dragging towards one side. This is dangerous, and you should visit our professional garage forr hunter wheel alignment Shipley at once if you notice such a symptom.

We hope you have found our short description helpful and informative and your search for a 'wheel alignment garage near me' has now come to an end.

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