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Are you looking forĀ Exhausts Service for your vehicle?


At Tyre Experts, we understand the importance of an optimally performing exhaust system. Being one of the trusted automobile service providers in West Yorkshire, we have extended our portfolio to offer prompt, and hassle-free exhaust repair Shipley. Our skilled technicians can quickly perform repairs or replacements as necessary.

Here's why you should not drive with a broken exhaust!

Your car's exhaust needs to be in an excellent working condition in order to provide the best driving performance and safety. Apart from carrying harmful gases away from the driver and passenger cabins, it also reduces engine noises, maintains optimum power delivery and fuel economy.

- A broken exhaust will inevitably cause your 4-wheeler to fail MOT tests, ruling your vehicle illegal to drive on the streets of the UK.

- Blockages in the exhaust manifold can lead to burning additional fuel without equivalent power output, which decreases the fuel economy considerably.

- Finally, a faulty exhaust system can leak poisonous CO into the car cabin, which can lead to health issues in the long run.

What do we include in exhaust repair Shipley?

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to the exhaust system than just external pipes that are visible. Issues with any of the following components can lead to adverse performance levels and hamper the longevity of your vehicle.

Our Exhaust service regimen includes-

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Catalytic converter
  • Muffler
  • Exhaust tailpipe, etc.

When to take your vehicle for exhaust service Shipley?

As soon as you notice any one of the following symptoms, drive your vehicle to our facility for a professional check-up and exhaust replacement Shipley if necessary.

    • Exhaust noises

One of the most common indicators of a broken exhaust system is abnormal engine noises. Depending on the type of noise that you hear, you can identify which component may need replacing.

Rattling engine noise can signal loose brackets, while abnormal roaring noises indicate an issue with the muffler. Similarly, a popping noise mostly means a leaking pipe. An expert technician, like the ones at our facility, will quickly identify the exact cause and carry out necessary repairs.

    • Excessive smoke

A failing exhaust system will emit excessive smokes as fuel is not being filtered properly. Blue smoke indicates an issue with the engine or the quality of fuel being used, while white smoke is a result of coolant leaks.

Are you searching for 'exhaust servicing near me'?

Tyre Experts is your one-stop solution for efficient. exhaust repair Shipley.

Drive over to our facility to talk to our expert technicians at 31 Back Saltaire Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 3HH. You can also book an appointment by calling us on 01274 288000