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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


Summer tyres Shipley are the perfect companions for car owners, looking to cruise on warm tarmacs while also maintaining optimum traction on wet streets.

If you are willing to buy summer tyres Shipley, look no further than Tyre Experts. Our carefully chosen company name is a testament to our proficiency in this industry, as our customers in West Yorkshire depend on us for the best-in-class units from renowned manufacturers around the world.

Get in touch with our retail unit by calling on 01274 288000 and place your query.

How are summer car tyres Shipley special?

Summer tyres are purpose-built to deliver excellent performance on hot and dry roads and sport a unique design that provides safe driving experience on wet surfaces as well.Not sure how?

Let's take a more in-depth look at how these models are different from other variants available in our inventory.

Summer tyres have less natural rubber compounds.

These units are manufactured with less natural rubber and instead comprise harder compounds. This material provides excellent on-road grip when temperatures go above 7°C.

    • Summer tyres have shallower grooves

Shallower tread depth on these models further reduces rolling resistance, which is essential to cruise comfortably at top speeds. This also helps in improving fuel economy, making summer tyres the go-to choices for many car owners.

    • Summer tyres come with a unique tread pattern

The shoulder block tread design increases the footprint of these units, which helps in offering exceptional cornering and enhanced dry performance. Additionally, summer-specific variants provide superb braking performances on warm and dry paths.

Two of our bestselling summer tyres in West Yorkshire!

    • Bridgestone Turanza series

This premium summer car tyre is marked EU Label Grade A for wet grip and offers excellent dry performance as well. The unique tread design helps achieve exceptionally low rolling resistance while maintaining optimum traction and braking performance.

On selected sizes, you can also find this model with the DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology.

    • Continental PremiumContact 6

This Continental unit comes equipped with the revolutionary Macroblock technology, which promises exceptional fuel efficiency thanks to its lower rolling resistance. The enhanced footprint design also offers noise-free comfortable driving experience on different surfaces.

End your "tyres near me" searches with us!

Keeping our customer demands in mind, we, at Tyre Experts, maintain an exhaustive collection of tyres from all well-known manufacturers.

Thus, if you are looking for summer tyres Shipley, choose and order them conveniently on our website using the easy-to-use tyre configurator or come to us at 31 Back Saltaire Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 3HH.

Our team will always be happy to assist you.