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Roadstone Tyres

An associated brand of the Nexen Group, Roadstone is a prominent tyre manufacturer with one of the highest growth rates in the global tyre industry. The company effectively combines high quality with affordability, making its tyres an ideal purchase for many car owners.

So, if you landed on this page while searching for “Roadstone tyres Shipley”, you will be pleased to know that you have found a one-stop-shop. We, Tyre Experts, are a reliable tyre shop in West Shipley.

You can easily find our facility at 31 Back Saltaire Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 3HH.

You can either visit us to buy roadstone tyres Shipley or make your purchase online. All you have to do is enter your car registration number or tyre details (width, rim size, speed index, etc.) to check out our inventory. You can choose your favourites and book a fitting appointment.

Stock of Roadstone tyres at Tyre Experts

Over the years, we have amassed an extensive inventory of roadstone tyres Shipley, including those by Roadstone. Here is a glimpse of some seasonal variants in our stock:

Summer tyres

These tyres are manufactured with a harder rubber compound. As a result, they deliver matchless performance on hot and dry tarmacs. Moreover, Roadstone summer tyres, such as Eurovis Sport 04 or Eurovis HP02, facilitate low rolling resistance and improved fuel economy.

Winter tyres

Contrary to their summer counterparts, these tyres are made up of a soft rubber compound. So, when the ambient temperature falls below 7 degree Celsius, we recommend that you switch to a set of WinGUARD Winspike, Eurovis Alpine or WinGUARD Ice Plus for improved overall performance during winters.

All-season tyres

Roadstone’s all-season tyres, such as the NPriz 4S, is ideal for use in regions with moderate climates. These tyres combine the best features of their seasonal counterparts, which makes them ideal for use all-year-round.

Additionally, we also offer a wide variety of roadstone tyres Shipley for 4x4s and performance cars. Run-flat tyres are also available.

So, reach out to. Simply come over or give us a call on 01274 288000 for more information.