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All modern cars have several sensors on-board which collate real-time information and send the data to an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) mechanism. The OBD has been a standard fixture since the 1980s; over time, the technologies have advanced manifold.

Most cars in the United Kingdom come with an OBD-II on-board. The OBD-II system operates on a series of sensors and microchips. It can generate a number of Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTCs which identify the part of the vehicle experiencing difficulties.

At Tyre Experts, engine diagnostics Shipley is one of our specialities. We not only have the necessary tools and scanners to 'read' the trouble codes generated, but we also boast of the best team of technicians in and around Shipley.

Engine diagnostics is a must if you want to keep your vehicle in great shape for years to come. Besides, it also increases its resale value and reduces any chance of a catastrophic failure later.

The basics of car engine diagnostics

Although 'engine diagnostics' and 'car diagnostics' are two separate entities, most aspects of general car diagnostics also rely on the former's ECU. The Engine Control Unit hosts the OBD, which in turn generates DTCs.

The first time most people notice something amiss is when the 'check engine' light shows. There can be hundreds of reasons for the light to start blinking. Checking them and eliminating faults is the basis of a car engine diagnostics Shipley.

At Tyre Experts, we use advanced handheld scanners to plug into the OBD. Our devices use either the ELM or the STN1110 interfaces. Once plugged in, we can quickly transfer the data to a computer, allowing us to look for problematic areas.

All error codes have 1 letter and 4 numerals. Based on the standardised system of DTCs across the world, here are the commonest ones:

  • 'B': It indicates problems of a car's body. There are more than 1160 error codes in this category.
  • 'C': Designates problems with a car's chassis. There are more than 400 associated errors.
  • 'P': Indicated problems with the engine, transmission and related systems. There are more than 1000 such codes which start with the letter 'P'.
  • 'U': Indicates electrical issues.

Which areas of a car can be tested?

Before we begin, please note that OBD error codes do not state the nature of the problem: it merely indicates where the problem lies. Our experience with vehicle diagnostics does the rest.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can check and fix the following parts of a vehicle as indicated by the engine and car engine diagnostics Shipley.

  • Engine and transmission: If the OBD issues a code starting with 'P', we will check your car's engine and the transmission with a fine-toothed comb. These are time-taking operations, and you may have to leave your vehicle with us for a few hours.
  • Emissions: One major trigger of a DTC is a faulty emission system. Your car's air filters may not be in good shape. There might be other issues too. Our car diagnostic test Shipley will analyse any problem.
  • Fuel injectors: Any lingering issue with a car's fuel injectors will generate an error code. We will look into it and resolve the same at the earliest.
  • Throttle: Problems with the throttle, including loss of power, can be diagnosed easily.
  • Ignition coil: A faulty ignition coil will show up when inspecting error codes. These coils require replacements.

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Feel free to visit Tyre Experts and get a professional car diagnostics Shipley check today! Contact us for more details.